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this is your ballistic helmet
1993 50% records [FPR-002]
  1. handcuff
  2. expendable

what people say
1994 grass records [GROW041]
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  1. close to shut
  2. codify
  3. unsaid
  4. venus cracked
  5. better
  6. down on you
  7. did
  8. motion sick
  9. stupid game
  10. ed
  11. courage is
  12. long time

give me the cure:
18 DC bands interpret the cure

1995 radiopaque recordings/
corduroy records
  1. shudder to think "shake dog shake"
  2. the ropers "jumping someone else's train"
  3. chisel "six different ways"
  4. eggs "catch"
  5. dj bootious maximus "the love cats"
  6. candy machine "10:15 saturday night"
  7. glo-worm "friday i'm in love"
  8. cinnamon toast "piggy in the mirror"
  9. frodus "killing an arab"
  10. peter hayes "a night like this"
  11. tuscadero "boys don't cry"
  12. edsel "plastic passion"
  13. mud "the blood"
  14. rollercoaster "all cats are grey"
  15. my life in rain "pictures of you"
  16. dismemberment plan "close to me"
  17. jawbox "meat hook"
  18. trampoline "charlotte sometimes"

the carousel 7 inch
1996 50% records/
thought balloon records [TB02]
  1. high horse
  2. crossover

1997 allied recordings
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  1. zero tolerance
  2. poker face
  3. advertisement
  4. acrobat
  5. position paper
  6. piece of me
  7. balancing act
  8. high horse
  9. coarsening
  10. one step forward
  11. crossover
  12. maybe mean

this band is killing me
1997 allied recordings
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  1. bait the hook
  2. hail fellow, well met
  3. 10-8
  4. voulez vous
  5. smash -n- grab
  6. magnanimous
  7. the patch
  8. hail fellow, well met (pink slip mix)
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