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pernice brothers
(thom monahan)
overcome by happiness
1998 sub pop records [SP427]
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  1. crestfallen
  2. overcome by happiness
  3. sick of you
  4. clear spot
  5. dimmest star
  6. monkey suit
  7. chicken wire
  8. wait to stop
  9. all i know
  10. shoes and clothes
  11. wherein obscurely
  12. ferris wheel

chappaquiddick skyline
(thom monahan)
1999 sub pop records [SP470]
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  1. everyone else is evolving
  2. solitary swedish houses
  3. courage up
  4. the two of you sleep
  5. breakneck speed
  6. theme to an endless bummer
  7. up in michigan
  8. hundred dollar pocket
  9. nobody's watching
  10. knights of the night vol. 1
  11. leave me alone
  12. kidney shaped pool

joe pernice
(thom monahan)
big tobacco
2001 ashmont records [ASHM002]
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  1. prince valium
  2. the pill
  3. bum leg
  4. pipe bomb
  5. i still can't say her name
  6. undertow
  7. i break down
  8. hard to take
  9. second semester lesbian

pernice brothers
(thom monahan)
the world won't end
2001 ashmont records [ASHM004]
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  1. working girls (sunlight shines)
  2. 7:30
  3. our time has passed
  4. she heightened everything
  5. bryte side
  6. let that show
  7. shaken baby
  8. flaming wreck
  9. the ballad of bjorn borg
  10. endless supply
  11. cronulla breakdown

pernice brothers
(thom monahan)
yours, mine & ours
2003 ashmont records [ASHM006]
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  1. the weakest shade of blue
  2. water ban
  3. one foot in the grave
  4. baby in two
  5. blinded by the stars
  6. waiting for the universe
  7. judy
  8. sometimes i remember
  9. how to live alone
  10. number two

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