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smile: 1989-1990
flesh burns tapes

1990 TPOS [TPOS-045.5]
  1. get out of my head
  2. crash
  3. she's got a gun
  4. hole
  5. twice at the end
  6. i'm telling you
  7. schizophrenic

1990 TPOS [TPOS-052.5]/
threshold records [THRESH-02]
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  1. nobody loves you
  2. used to smile

1991 rockville records [ROCK6059-7]
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  1. get out of my head
  2. plastic
    vega$ hate fuck

peanut butter karma
1992 serial killer [FATAL-01]
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chop whip grate liquefy
1992 m.u.d.d. industries [MUDD-1]
  1. monsterland "girlfriend on drugs"
  2. g'nu fuz "warm feeling"
  3. china pig "old man"
  4. bad dreamhouse "to mud"
  5. freak baby "retroactive karma"
  6. transylvanian death express "for mary"
  7. bunny brains "the wilderness"
  8. onion "empty glass"
  9. hed "the horror"

  10. cd only:
  11. monsterland "used to smile"
  12. onion "no one's home"
  13. hed "birthday cake"
  14. g'nu fuz "rise before the fall"

peanut butter karma
1992 spinART records [SPART-8]
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  1. peanut butter karma
  2. why did i fall for you?

1993 m.u.d.d. industries [MUDD-3]
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  1. monsterland "blank"
  2. china pig "maggie"

loser friendly
1993 spinART records [SPART-9]
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  1. magazine
  2. chris' clone
  3. store 28
  4. sunshine & piss
  5. (i'm always touched by your) presence dear
  6. 244-250

i lick you because i love you
1993 seed records [PRCD-5324]
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  1. madder rose "swim (remix)"
  2. the nightblooms "never dream at all"
  3. monsterland "insulation"
  4. the earthmen "cool chick #59"
  5. the pastels "thank you for being you"
  6. television personalities "goodnight mr. spaceman"
  7. tumbleweed "sundial"
  8. the nightblooms "hold on"
  9. monsterland "lobsterhead"
  10. madder rose "while away"
  11. the earthmen "encouragement kiss"
  12. television personalities "honey for the bears"
  13. the pastels "nothing to be done"
  14. tumbleweed "acid rain"

1993 seed records [SEED-5]
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  1. insulation
  2. totally wired

destroy what you love
1993 seed records [14236]
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  1. insulation
  2. rid of you
  3. lobsterhead
  4. nobody loves you
  5. car on fire
  6. twice at the end
  7. at one with time
  8. fish eye
  9. crashing teenage crush
  10. angel scraper
  11. bursitis

why do you think they call it pop?
1993 pop narcotic [NARC-006]
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  1. sleepyhead "hot stuff"
    the dambuilders "pennsylvania"
    small factory "yeah!"
    versus "sunburned (life's a beach)"
  2. polvo "colonial arms"
    monsterland "sunburn"
    wingtip sloat "leap into my velvet arms"
  3. helium "in a little box"
    ruby falls "let me go"
    twig "airplane"
  4. greenhorn "50 ways to leave your lover"
    kudgel "friction→ali baba"
    grifters "black fuel incinerator"

at one with time
1994 seed records [95928]
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  1. at one with time
  2. jane wiedlin used to be a go-go as far as we know
  3. your touch is uncomfortable to me
  4. chewbacca
  5. blank
  6. girlfriend on drugs

split with archers of loaf
inside dave's garage vol. 3
1994 radiopaque recordings [VOLUME3]
  1. archers of loaf "telepathic traffic" (live & acoustic)
  2. monsterland "angel scraper" (live)
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