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spirit of '73: rock for choice
1995 550 music/epic [BK66879]
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  1. eve's plum "if i can't have you"
  2. babes in toyland "more, more, more (pt. 1)"
  3. ebony vibe everlasting "we are family"
  4. letters to cleo "dreams"
  5. johnette napolitano "dancing barefoot"
  6. L7 & joan jett "cherry bomb"
  7. that dog. "midnight at the oasis"
  8. pet "have you never been mellow"
  9. rosanne cash "river"
  10. melissa ferrick "feel like makin' love"
  11. cassandra wilson "killing me softly with his song"
  12. sarah mclachlan "blue"
  13. indigo girls "it won't take long"
  14. sophie b. hawkins "the night they drove old dixie down"

the crow: city of angels
1996 miramax/hollywood records [MH-62047]
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  1. hole "gold dust woman"
  2. white zombie "i'm your boogieman"
  3. filter "jurassitol"
  4. p.j. harvey "naked cousin"
  5. bush "in a lonely place"
  6. tricky vs. the gravediggaz "tonite is a special nite"
  7. seven mary three "shelf life"
  8. linda perry feat. grace slick "knock me out"
  9. toadies "paper dress"
  10. new york loose "spit"
  11. korn "sean olson"
  12. deftones "teething"
  13. iggy pop "i wanna be your dog (live)"
  14. pet "lil' boots"
  15. above the law feat. frost "city of angels"

1996 igloo/tag recordings [92717]
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  1. 360°
  2. lil' boots
  3. otherwhere
  4. bed
  5. hero life
  6. skin tite
  7. meat≠e
  8. fatherland
  9. rogan
  10. i've been a gaylord
  11. secret motor
  12. seed
  13. calmate!

the last time i committed suicide
1997 blue note/capitol records [CDP724383673629]
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  1. charles mingus "better get it in your soul"
  2. max roach quartet "straight no chaser"
  3. miles davis "move"
  4. dianne reeves "sugar blues"
  5. charlie parker & dizzie gillespie "shaw 'nuff"
  6. ella fitzgerald "a tisket, a tasket"
  7. thelonious monk "sixteen"
  8. art blakey and the jazz messengers "the thin man"
  9. javon jackson feat. cassandra wilson "country girl"
  10. dianne reeves "he may be your man"
  11. the andrews sisters "heartbreaker"
  12. jacky terrasson "budism"
  13. red fish blue fish (tyler bates) "the suicide suite"
  14. pet "ride my heart"
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