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1994 jester records [JES-004]

1994 headhunter/cargo records [HED-036]
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  1. rock anthem for the retarded teenage hipster population
  2. staring at the sun...
  3. spud gun
  4. picture made past
  5. lemonade
  6. moosh
  7. jack shrimp
  8. papaya clearance sale
  9. she
  10. wallflower
  11. until(?)

maquee (reissue)
1994 atlantic records [82769]
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(contains same songs as original release)

1995 headhunter/cargo music [HED-714]
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  1. sleepover
  2. bluff

1995 atlantic records
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  1. staring at the sun...
  2. sleepover
  3. bluff
  4. robbie's new home planet

"masterlocks" +3
1996 revelation distribution [RD004]
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  1. masterlocks
  2. she's acting
  3. crispin glover vs. tom snyder
  4. bitter suffers the shyest

girl crushes boy
1998 headhunter/cargo music [HED-082]
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  1. the best years
  2. too many reasons
  3. lawndarts
  4. this freaky slow dance
  5. sputnik
  6. peach and brown
  7. instant brain damage
  8. you cast a crazy spell on me
  9. the scientologist's love affair
  10. so different now
  11. girl crushes boy
  12. something with gravity

5 song demo
2001 self-release
  1. burned to bits
  2. settledown
  3. sucking the breeze
  4. hologram of my heart
  5. married

happy meals volume 3:
songs to run away from

2002 my records [8059-2]
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  1. bright life "see me now"
  2. the adventures of jet "drag"
  3. goleta "flat earth society"
  4. smile "sucking the breeze"
  5. armchair martian "whipping boy"
  6. me first & the gimme gimmes "the times they are a changing"
  7. left front tire "therapy"
  8. chad rex and the victorstands "tied up to die"
  9. saltine "find yourself alone"
  10. scott garth "bandit's ruse"
  11. buellton "sell blocks"
  12. the body english "radical"
  13. sugarcult "debbie"
  14. blazing haley "date with ivy"
  15. nerf herder "jacket"
  16. drag the river "lost weekend"
  17. lagwagon "may 16th (acoustic)"
  18. ashtray babyhead "o-rama"
  19. rocketair "ppp1000"
  20. sweet action "@roundabout"
  21. bad astronaut "disarm"
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