welcome to the site for the preservation of music i love. i do love a lot more music than this, but this is music that has the strongest chance of being forgotten. i'm sure you are wondering why you should care. well, you probably don't. but my hope is that once you look through these pages and listen to some of the songs, you will find an affinity toward this music as well. i have put a lot of work into these pages for two reasons. the first is because i really do like this music, and the second is because it is not easy to find any information about any of these bands online. i suppose the latter is understandable; they were never played on the radio (at least not in the u.s.), went platinum, or went to number one on trl. in fact, most of these bands were not around for very long. but while their discography may not be extensive, what music they actually gave to the world is worth remembering.

so please look around and listen to the music. the layout is intentionally simple, as the music is the main attraction here. i have included mp3s of my favorite and rarest songs. if you are actually a fan of any of the bands and have some information that i don't have listed, please email me. because of most of the bands' relative obscurity, i am not able to write an extensive biography about any of them, either. but i have tried to include as much information as i know. also, the mp3s are just below cd quality. i have done this because i want to encourage you to seek out these records. i know that most of them are out of print, but most of them are still available from various sources. to make them easier to find, i have included "buy now" links to every release that i have been able to find online. to the record labels who own these songs, i wouldn't have to put these online if you had done a better job marketing these bands. to the labels who are still selling the albums and did actually try to do something with them, i hope you understand that i'm trying to encourage their purchase. to the bands, please let me know if you would rather not have your songs available. (for the record, most of the featured bands already know about this site and have given their approval.) and to everybody else, enjoy.


p.s. — i need help with the "after" discographies, as i don't have all of the records that should be included. if you have them, please send at least 300dpi cover scans, tracklists, and all pertinent info to the email address above.

p.p.s. — if you're looking for some of these records online, you might want to try here, here, here, or even here. i have also added "buy now" links directly to where some records are still available.

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