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1991 lucky records [LK003]
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  1. take me home
  2. start all over (aka "can i change my mind")

1991 sub pop records [SP122]
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  1. workin' on donita
  2. goldfish bowl
  3. slightly used
  4. vicodine
  5. hungover together (feat. carrie akre)

1992 crackpot records [CPS2066]
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  1. broke my knee
  2. split in two

1993 mca records [MCAD-10694]
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  1. pickin' flowers for
  2. 60 seconds
  3. melanie
  4. smoke rings
  5. laughable

1993 lucky records [LKY010]
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  1. sweet pea
  2. ohio

been there
1993 mca records [MCAD-10757]
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  1. she won't get under me till i get over you
  2. bleeder
  3. kick between the knees
  4. miss teen u.s.a.
  5. four letter name for lame
  6. waltzing
  7. goddamn
  8. present at your party
  9. bitch can't sing
  10. bad about the fact
  11. letter from you
  12. you love sleepin'

twisted willie
1996 justice records [JR0009]
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  1. johnny cash "time of the preacher"
  2. L7 "three days"
  3. tenderloin "shotgun willie"
  4. supsersuckers "bloody mary morning"
  5. mark lanegan "she's not for you"
  6. the presidents of the united states of america "devil in a sleepin' bag"
  7. jerry cantrell "i've seen all this world i care to see"
  8. best kissers in the world "pick up the tempo"
  9. jello biafra w/ life after life "still is still moving to me"
  10. waylon jennings "i never cared for you"
  11. the reverend horton heat "hello walls"
  12. gas huffer "i gotta get drunk"
  13. steel pole bath tub "the ghost"
  14. jesse dayton "sad songs and waltzes"
  15. x "home motel"
  16. kelley deal w/ kris kristofferson "angel flying too close to the ground"

yellow brick roadkill (promo)
1996 mca records [MCAD-11340]
  1. hit parader
  2. i suppose
  3. they give each other diseases
  4. diary
  5. dance of the spanish fire weasel
  6. roadside attraction
  7. worried about it
  8. royal pain in the ass
  9. lonely enough to lie
  10. i fucked up again
  11. dead have everything
  12. countin' out dexedrine
  13. one of these daze
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