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1992 battery records
  1. novocaine
  2. ¼ mile thunder
    the needle

1993 c/z records [CZ061]
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  1. astronaut
  2. treasure chest

  3. cd only:
  4. furnace
  5. the needle
  6. little hula girl

bear catching fish
1993 c/z records [CZ068]
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  1. bear catching fish
  2. rockford files
  3. treasure chest
  4. cabin fever
  5. quarter mile thunder
  6. bullfight
  7. mountain high
  8. winter time

bear catching fish (ltd. ed. LP)
1993 c/z records [CZ068]
(contains same songs as CD)

split with silkworm
1993 c/z records [CZ073]
  1. engine kid "little drummer boy"
  2. silkworm "in the bleak midwinter"

the smitten love song comp.
1994 karate brand records [KBR010]
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  1. jawbreaker "housesitter"
  2. slug "choker"
  3. engine kid "insulate"
  4. big damn crazy weight "teenager went"
  5. godheadSilo "spoon"
  6. lifelikeweeds "the house is in between the porch and the barbeque on mouth speed"
  7. johnboy "10w40"
  8. cherubs "i want candy"
  9. steel pole bath tub "the seventh hour of the seventh day"
  10. distorted pony "insatiable times"
  11. grifters "look what you've done to me now"
  12. unwound "new radio hit"
  13. beekeeper "sore fingers"
  14. soul-junk "cathleen"

three on the tree
1994 c/z records [CZ075]
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  1. wreck "your monkey's on fire"
    vexed "p6"
  2. engine kid "thigh with a desolate (t)horn"

you got lucky: a tribute to tom petty
1994 backyard records [7239275450]
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  1. everclear "american girl"
  2. engine kid "breakdown"
  3. throneberry "here comes my girl"
  4. nectarine "even the losers"
  5. truck stop love "listen to her heart"
  6. silkworm "insider"
  7. loud lucy with louise post "stop draggin' my heart around"
  8. edsel "you got lucky"
  9. punchdrunk "nightwatchman"
  10. fig dish "don't come around here no more"
  11. aMiniature "century city"
  12. dexter methoropham "southern accents"

split with iceburn
1994 revelation records [REV34]
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  1. danses (10/93)
  2. danses (4/95)

  3. engine kid:
  4. trailhead at lake 22
  5. hiking the circumference of the mountaintop lake
  6. the shining path

angel wings
1995 revelation records [REV38]
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  1. windshield
  2. holes to fight in
  3. nailgun
  4. anchor
  5. expressionists
  6. jumper cables
  7. stitches
  8. fanbelt
  9. herbie hancock
  10. lies like knives
  11. olé

  12. vinyl only:
    a quinn martin production

1995 troubleman unlimited [TMU008]
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hardcore holiday
1996 essential noise/
virgin music canada
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  1. silkworm "in the bleak midwinter"
  2. spiderbait "jesus"
  3. ddt "captain morgan's christmas"
  4. fitz of depression "silent night"
  5. trigger happy "seasonal excuse"
  6. one ton shotgun "police navidad"
  7. lloydsrocket "you're a mean one, mr. grinch"
  8. poison idea "santa claus is back in town"
  9. rhythm pigs "sleigh ride"
  10. killdozer "oh little down of deathlehem"
  11. ultra bidé "santa never dies"
  12. fireballs "(i need a) holiday"
  13. engine kid "little drummer boy"
  14. blood sausage "fuck christmas, fuck santa, fuck you"
  15. show business giants "what tom likes about christmas"
  16. dirty three "dirty equation (xmas mix)"

in-flight program
revelation records collection '97

1996 revelation records [REV50]
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  1. sense field "building"
  2. texas is the reason "back and to the left"
  3. farside "audience"
  4. the iceburn collective "sphinx"
  5. shades apart "fearless"
  6. chain of strength "true till death"
  7. whirlpool "wasteland"
  8. chinchilla "decoder"
  9. bodyjar "glossy books"
  10. ignite "embrace"
  11. sparkmarker "chrysanthemum"
  12. youth of today "break down the walls"
  13. no fun at all "master celebrator"
  14. gorilla biscuits "new direction"
  15. state of the nation "a piece"
  16. beta minus mechanic "sandcastles"
  17. quicksand "omission"
  18. underdog "say it to my face"
  19. judge "bringin' it down"
  20. supertouch "vendor"
  21. inside out "no spiritual surrender"
  22. shelter "enough"
  23. burn "shall be judged"
  24. into another "to be free"
  25. bold "looking back"
  26. engine kid "windshield"
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