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ink & dagger
(ashli state)
drive this seven inch wooden stake through my philadelphia heart
1997 initial records [IR18]
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  1. the road to hell
  2. shadowtalker
  3. caretaker
  4. full circle
  5. the changeling
  6. frigid shortcomings
  7. newspaper tragedy
  8. bloodlust
  9. my lady love
  10. crawler

by the grace of god
(duncan barlow)
1997 victory records [VR057]
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  1. boy and the river
  2. beneath the blue
  3. dead ends
  4. no deposit
  5. crest
  6. man vs. paper
  7. cole
  8. red hand plan
  9. anything in a name
  10. chutes and ladders
  11. i will not bow down

the aasee lake
(duncan barlow)
two song introduction
to a suicide note

1999 nerd rock records [NR001]
  1. untitled
  2. untitled

the aasee lake
(duncan barlow)
split with at the drive-in
1999 ghetto defendant/
nerd rock records [NR003]
  1. the aasee lake "the dualistic struggle between good and evil within ticket lines and reality"
  2. at the drive-in "doorman's placebo"

d. biddle
(duncan barlow)
je pars de la maison
2000 troubleman unlimited [TMU071/TMUSSS008]
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  1. sleepless irish summer
    four weeks of water
  2. the education of aging
    starcastle down, still i missed the center

d. biddle
(duncan barlow)
2005 sao bento music [SBM005]
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  1. education in aging
  2. hook, noose, smile
  3. hungertown
  4. restoration son
  5. stars on flagstaff
  6. west of cave hill
  7. a promise meant to be broken
  8. leaving postcards
  9. talent in crying
  10. hanging the moon

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